Never before reprinted, this regimental history was completed and originally printed in Stuttgart, Germany, during the opening days of the Occupation. Including both operational and low-level combat details of the regiment's more than six months in combat, the book also includes dozens of photos and drawings, and rosters of 399th Infantry Regiment soldiers killed in action, wounded in action, and awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Legion of Merit, and Bronze Star. There is also a short section addressing the other elements of the 399th Regimental Combat Team, including the 925th Field Artillery Battalion; Company C/325th Engineer Combat Battalion; Company C/325th Medical Battalion; the RCT PW Interrogation Team; and the 100th Signal Company's wire team that habitually supported the 399th in combat. Complete with full-color soft cover, 183 pages of text, photos, and rosters, this first-ever reprint of the classic 1945 399th regimental history is now available.