Displace by section with the 105mm howitzers and redlegs of the battalion that was part of ""CT 8,"" the 398th Regimental Combat Team, during its battles in Europe in WWII! An original of this very rare battalion history recently sold on at auction through eBay for almost $200. Prefaced by messages from and portraits of Major General Burress, Brigadier General Murphy, and Lieutenant Colonel Ray Renola, the combat battalion commander, this book includes a chronologically-organized history of the battalion throughout the war. In addition, the book includes a memorial section dedicated to the battalion's combat dead; awards rosters listing recipients of the Distinguished Service Cross, the Legion of Merit, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Air Medal, and Purple Heart; named photos of many of the battalion's personnel (including the editorial staff), and complete unit rosters. This 177-page book is now available in a black and white, spiral-bound reprint with a full-color reproduction of the original cover, which features a beautiful facsimile of the battalion crest. Thanks to Colonel Ray Renola, the former Battalion Commander, who donated a copy of the book. Photos, drawings, cartoons complements the text.