This yearbook-style publication includes the photos of every officer and soldier assigned to the 100th Infantry Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, in the spring of 1944, organized by unit. Even many of the veterans of the Division do not realize this book was ever completed, but this extremely rare, comprehensive book is now available in reprint. In addition to posed photos of the Centurymen, there are hundreds of action shots of the Division in training at Fort Jackson, on Tennessee Maneuvers, and in the pine forests of the Carolina Piedmont at Fort Bragg. The 100th was one of the few divisions to have such a pre-deployment portrait completed during the war, and this one is one of the best of that rare breed.

Examples of photos from the book: (L-R) The lieutenants of B/397th Infantry; a platoon from A/397th Infantry, featuring WWI veteran First Sergeant Bennie C. Moree (Holding mascot dog, front row, center); a crew mans a 37mm antitank gun on Tennessee Maneuvers, autumn, 1943. Similar photos exist for every officer and every platoon in the Division, circa April 1944. ---